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History Of Tavanbattery


Tavan battery company was constructed and set up in 1378 S.H . by private sector as the first battery – producing company for sedan and track vehicles in Isfahan considering quality deficiencies of batteries produced in Iran ( low quality of Ingredients , quality of operation and production quality ) which generally lead to decrement of productive life of the batteries , 2 Tavan battery has bought most modern equipment for production line form authoritative European producers (sovema of Italy and BM of Australia and with direct use of the best ingredients from European sources sedan and truck batteries have been delivered to market with highest quality level . Batteries produced by the company have got quality certificate of STECO of France ( certified by Autosil of France ) , Citroen of France , Proton of Malesia and internal companies such as Iran khodro , Saipa , Kerman khodro , Zagros khodro , Iran khodro , Disel , Hepco , Saipa disel . Tavan battery as the first battery – making company in middle east simultaneously was successful to get out international standards such as I so Ts 16949 , ǀ so 1400ǀ - OHSAS ǀ 800ǀ , ǀ so 900 ǀ - 200 - and international quality certificate of IQ NET from IMQ of Italy for all of products . Tavan battery was successful to produce and distribute MF ( maintenance Free) batteries from 1382 S.H . Tavan battery with widespread sale and after – sales service in all parts of country presents services in shortest time to buyers. Tavan battery with advanced equipment and high – quality ingredients and experienced expert groups is able to design and based on its abilities design and production of sealed batteries ( in the kinds of “ with magic eye “ and without magic eye ) According to needs at market and its increasing use , based on European samples of authoritative companies like EXIDE with expanded calcium plates was carried out as best product to with long life .

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Message Of Manager

Thanks God for all of blessing. I take this opportunity to thank our valued customers, whose continued patronage and confidence in our products inspires us to extend the best of services. We believe that usage of highly skilled employees, state of the art equipment, technologies and first class raw materials, enable us to provide highest quality car batteries with highest standards and presenting our valued customers superior after sales services & guarantee terms I therefore, seek continued patronage of our valued customers, cooperation of our employees and thank our well-wishers who have contributed to the growth of this organization. Managing Director Mohammad Golshirazi

Introduction of managers

Manager Mr. Mohamad Hossein Golshirazi Has worked in different levels of public and private sectors from 1385. Email : - Sales Assistant Mr. Amir Nasiri Neehad E-mail: - Economical – Administrative Assistant Mr. Motamedian Email: From 1372 in auditory institution as supervisor of audition and form 1377 as economical managers, executive assistant and economical – administrative assistant has been working in private companies . - Systems and Methods Assistants Mr. Rahim Zaheh Email: from 1379 until now has been working in auditory institutions and private companies .


Awards and Certificates

Tavan battery company was established and set up in Isfahan in 1378 by aim of production and
distribution of all kinds of Sedan and Truck batteries by private sector based on motifs of crest in
quality, self-esteem in production, and innovation in product.
Considering quality problems in the batteries produced in the that time in the country ( low
quality of ingredients , production process and operation quality which led to decreasing their
productive life ,Tavan battery sake to solve the problem and for the first time in the country , bought most
modern equipment of production line from authoritative European producers ( sued as Sovema
of Italy and BM of Austria ) and probable direct use of the best ingredient from European
sources , Sedan and truck batteries have been produced in highest level at quality , and at the
moment products of the company are sold in at parts of country by direct and indirect sale
centers .
All products have got valid guarantee card and related services are provided by widespread after
– sales service network to dear valued customers in all parts of country .
In addition, the company have had close cooperation with big and active automobile
manufacturers of the country ( such as Iran Khodro , Saipa, Kerman Motor , Zagros Khodro ,
Iran Dizel , Hepco , and Saipa Dizel , regarding providing their necessary batteries and is proud
of the fact that at the moment significant volume of productions is for providing batteries for
local manufacturers.
Tavan battery Product , by aim of responsiveness to needs and requests of customers and also for
making distinction and flexibility for its products in local and foreign markets produces different

batteries with various brand names