Our Customers

Direct Sale

Tavan battery not only in production , but in distribution and services , has defined and imported macro – aims for the sake of customers and their welfare i.c. Focus on needs of customers and detection of their needs and also providing facilities and especial sell by grading of customers and suitable invest for direct sell , and provided a direct sell center which sells and distribution in a distribution channel system in more than 5000 representatives in all provinces and cities . Direct distribution by Tavan battery company in all parts of the country had led to delivery of products in shortest time and intended place for every economical capability of customers and led to satisfaction of customers additionally . By the way dear customers will be able to have easy and direct communication with the company and sometimes bay batteries in factory price .


Focus on needs of customers and increasing their satisfaction level mode us to select well – known and reliable wholesalers in addition to direct sell and distribution. Since wholesalers have higher economical power and facilities, they buy batteries from factory and cover a certain part of country. In general, after - sales service and guarantee of products are provided in the centers.


Considering satisfactory quality and safe faction of internal customers, Tavan battery , as an authoritative and well - known company has sought presence in foreign markets which led to presence in markets of Iraq , Syria , Turkmenistan , Strong presence in target markets( central Asia , and west of Asia ) has been macro – aim of Tavan battery company , an aim which by creativity and try of staff and use of modern technology and global know lodge is not out of reach.